Monday, May 10, 2010

Nahanton Park Needs Your Help!!!!

There will be a public hearing about the farm proposal for Nahanton Park. Many of us are very concerned about this very large amount of open space that is being requested.

How will this impact the birds and animals that live there?

Nesting season has begun and these areas should be studied first to try and determine what effect this proposal could have on these sensitive areas. 

It is precisely the loss and fragmentation of these shrubby, small-tree areas that is one of many factors causing declines in bird populations. There are many species that benefit from these habitats.

This is a serious change in the use of the park and should be discussed thoroughly. We are concerned about the speed and lack of discourse of this process which is most unusual.

Monday, May 17th at 7:00 p.m. Room 209
Newton City Hall
1000 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton Center, MA 02459

To speak:
call Robin McLaughlin at: 617-796-1500 or email:

email letter and ask Robin to distribute to the Parks & Recreation Commission:

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