Friday, May 7, 2010

Beautiful Friday at the Park

I went to the park around 6:00 a.m. this morning. It was about 53 degrees but not feeling cold. I feel like the next two weeks will be the most productive for seeing migrants and wasn't sure what the weekend weather will be like so decided to take advantage of good weather.

I've also been reading B. Cassey's entries in the bird register. On May 3rd he saw 45 species including 11 types of warblers. The next day he saw 51 species. This is when I get frustrated with myself that I only see so much because of my skill level!

Today, the lower gardens was so active. Birds were chasing each other, singing, flying and deciding territories etc. It was really fun to watch the action. Yellow warblers, tree swallows, goldfinches, catbirds, robins and song sparrows were all very busy. The house wren still has his eye on that tree swallow box in someone's garden. He's really sticking to that area!

Checked out the swamp, which is getting quite buggy, and heard things that I just didn't know what they were but they sounded good! Saw 3 orioles chasing each other, a titmouse making a beautiful whistling sound and thought I heard the yellow throat, but wasn't sure. No owl though.

In the upper gardens, it was reassuring to see Mrs. Bluebird's little head in the hole of the nest box. The 3 cowbirds have been hanging out up here recently. Lower garden characters up here too, including the catbird singing at top of page as well as this house wren that was singing on top of a scarecrow head with hat! They are so comical!

The soccer fields yielded 2 orioles hanging around the tree they like to nest in down there, a yellow-rump, a red-breasted grosbeak, yellow warblers, a flicker and two males sharing the pond - a wood duck and a mallard. I did not hear or see the wood thrush although Brian has reported 3.

Down by the river, I saw two swans flying overhead which actually is quite a sight. They almost seem too big to fly! Saw a warbling vireo and the phoebe is still sitting on her nest.

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