Sunday, June 6, 2010

In Between the Rain Drops...

I managed to get a 45 minute walk in this morning in between early morning rains. It was very muggy out today.

When I arrived in the lower gardens, our friends were all in their favorite areas. Tree swallows in first nestbox, house wrens in second box, and house wrens in garden nestbox around the corner. Yellow warblers, catbirds, robins, cardinals, orioles and goldfinches were busy flitting about, singing and feeding babies. Saw this young rabbit in a field of clover looking very wet, but happily eating it's grass.

The mulberry tree halfway between the gardens is fruiting now and starting to attract all kinds of birds. Today I saw this juvenile something (I think it's a young red-winged blackbird) hanging out there. Haynes or Ian, can you verify? I think it was waiting for a parent to feed it.

In the upper garden, it looks as though the bluebirds have fledged as the box has the tell-tale stick poking out of the hole and the house wren sitting atop it. This same thing happened last year. The wren took over the house when the bluebirds were done. (At least we hope they were done). Will have to keep an eye out for the young bluebirds.

It started to rain again and had to head for the hills before my camera and binoculars got wrecked.

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