Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Update

I knew it was going to be hot Saturday, so I went to the park early - about 6:15 a.m. It was a beautiful day, sunny and pleasant.

I was immediately struck by how the brush pile had grown! I am so glad that Duane Hillis called Parks & Recreation and that they were willing to move it. What they had previously dumped did destroy the flowers and plants underneath, but this would have been devastating to the meadow.

The tree swallow and house wren boxes at the entrance to the lower gardens were filled with baby noises. I am so glad they've both been successful and they seemed to be good neighbors as well!

Lots of yellow warblers this morning and am now seeing many of the females, which were not as visible until recently. That means that nesting must be over. It seems like many of the birds have had their babies and are very busy feeding them, flying here and there and exploring the area. Catbirds, orioles, goldfinches, song sparrows and house wrens were everywhere with chickadee songs permeating from the woods today. Ian showed up shortly after I arrived and we both heard a great-crested flycatcher which later turned up down near the soccer field and we had a good look at him. Ian also heard and saw the blue winged warbler, which I missed out on. They are so beautiful and I'm glad we have them at the park.

The mulberry tree on the way to the upper gardens is in fruit and I was anxious to see who might be there. Lots of robins, squirrels and some orioles, but nothing terribly exciting. I  the upper gardens were more goldfinches, an oriole family, tons of catbirds, yellow warblers and cardinals. As we were getting ready to leave we saw a small little warblerish bird that looked quite interesting. It was gray, with yellow under its tail and and a little yellow wash on it's wings. I couldn't figure it out, but after showing me a picture from the guide, we both thought it probably was a female redstart!

The soccer field area had a warbling vireo, the great crested flycatcher, gnatcatchers and peewees somewhere in the woods near the upper gardens. Not much going on in the pond and down by the river, Ian noticed the phoebe in her nest in the very same place where the nest had previously been predated. I'm so glad she's trying again!

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