Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jail Bird, Escaped Bird!

I guess I must have arrived before Ian and Haynes. It was a beautiful morning - not too hot. I was immediately greeted by the sound of the wood thrush coming from the woods near the JCC. Still haven't seen it this year though.

Most of the action seemed to be in the upper gardens. I was captivated by the antics of a large wren family out and about today. I saw a baby perched on a wire fence that was demanding to be fed and sure enough, mom landed on one side with a bug or berry in her mouth and dad arrived to look on.

As I was watching them and some of the other babies nearby, a different baby flew right in front of me. It was so close I was afraid I wouldn't be able to focus the camera. They are just so totally entertaining!

I agree with Haynes and Ian that the Baltimore orioles seemed noticeably absent and haven't seen the red-breasted grosbeaks in some time and as far as I can tell, I think there was only one pair this year. I did see yellow warblers, cardinals, robins, goldfinches, tree swallows, mourning doves, downies, and heard the warbling vireo. I saw the red-bellied woodpecker in the big mulberry tree in the upper gardens as well.

I was also excited to see the bluebird couple too and I am excited that they are considering a 2nd brood. I saw the female hanging out with a sparrow at one point, looking like two old friends catching up. (Wish I had seen that scarlet tanager! but glad to know it's there).

Down by the river the phoebe is sitting on her nest and I heard the wood peewee on my way back.

P.S. Later in the afternoon, on the way to the Friends of Nahanton Park meeting, I saw a very large, great blue heron in the pond (which I think maybe Ian saw too) and on the way back almost literally ran into a young deer eating by the edge of the soccer field path. It was so young it wasn't as afraid of me as it should have been. Where else can you have these unexpected, incredible experiences?

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