Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bird Walk with Alison and Haynes

Today was quite chilly - 38 degrees but with a clear sky and it quickly started to warm up.

We had a small group, but we had some really nice sightings.

In the lower gardens we had several sightings of one or more Nashville warblers and some ruby crowned kinglets. Several bluebirds were there as well flying from tree to tree. There were white crowned sparrows, chippers, swamp sparrows, songs and white throated sparrows.

As for the soccer area, the upper gardens and woodcock meadow, we saw a golden crowned kinglet, a deer foraging in the woods, a red-bellied woodpecker, downies, chickadees, crows, a flicker, robins, bluejays, cardinals, house finches, a mockingbird, juncos, a phoebe and a red-tailed hawk flying overhead.

Haynes and Jane decided to stay a little longer and emailed me this addendum:

"In our extension of the walk, Jane and I saw an Osprey, a Yellow-rumped warbler, and a Black-throated Green warbler. Some others showed us a photo of a Field sparrow they had just seen in the weeds below the upper garden. And we saw again the mystery sparrow in the upper garden - another White-crowned sparrow."

Tomorrow is another walk with Jane Zanichkowski from the Brookline Bird Club. Check out the Nahanton Park website for time and meeting place. Click here.

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