Monday, October 11, 2010

Bird Walk with Jane Z.

Today started out chilly as well, but warmed up quite quickly. The BBC walk was well attended with about thirteen people in all. The first person there was sitting at the entrance to Winchester Street and while he was waiting, he got to watch 2 deer.

I guess I hadn't realized that the walk actually started at 8:30, so I did a little perusing in the upper gardens where myself and another birder saw three bluebirds investigating one of the nesting boxes. Made me sad the breeding season is over for this year.

We spent most of our time in the upper and lower gardens looking for unusual sparrows and others. Among some of the birds that we saw in the lower gardens were cardinals, flickers, goldfinches and house finches. A few people saw a blue headed vireo. Haynes and I somehow missed it, but luckily we had a beautiful view of one down near the soccer field, looking very much like a kinglet they way it was flitting around in the trees.

Jane saw a female purple finch and some people saw an osprey flying overhead. We saw a ruby crowned kinglet, some titmice, a downy woodpecker and a golden crowned kinglet. Some saw the black throated green warbler which sad to say, I missed. A beautiful phoebe was hanging out in a large tree with a beautiful yellow breast.
On the way to the upper gardens we saw a swallow overhead which is quite unusual for this time of year. I don't believe anyone could definitively identify what type it was (possibly tree?).

Palm Warbler
The upper gardens had a palm warbler, swamp sparrow and a beautiful white crowned sparrow. Otherwise, fairly quiet in the rest of the park. Haynes and I saw another beautiful phoebe in the Woodcock meadow and at the parking lot we got a great view of a palm warbler.

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