Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pete Gilmore Bird Walk

Today was a bird walk with Pete Gilmore. It was in the mid-40's this morning - pretty chilly!

We met at the Nahanton Street entrance with a great turnout of at least 18 people. We headed over to the gardens where Pete had seen some great birds on Saturday.

For some reason, today was very quiet. We weren't sure if yesterday's birds had taken off in the night on some good winds or if they were just laying low due to the cold.

At any rate, we did manage to see several interesting sparrows. Of course we saw our song sparrows, but we also saw the white throated sparrow, chipping sparrows, a savannah sparrow and some swamp sparrows.

Haynes, who had arrived early had seen 2 Coopers hawks circling around that we later saw get chased away by a mob of blue jays. I think he also saw an indigo bunting. The group saw several house finches including one very brightly colored male, cardinals, catbirds, goldfinches, mourning doves and a red tailed hawk. Also saw cormorants and swans flying overhead.

Looking forward to next weeks walk as well...

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