Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Bluebird Couple is Back!!!!

It was about 40 degrees around 8:00 a.m. when I arrived. It didn't feel cold at all and the sky was a beautiful blue and very few clouds.

The lower garden had mockingbirds and lots of song sparrows singing. Heard the one that sounds like a field sparrow with its descending notes. There were two red tailed hawks soaring above as well as some geese and a seagull.

In the upper gardens I almost couldn't believe my eyes, but here was our Mr. Bluebird sitting atop the very birdhouse that they theoretically had their second brood in (not that we ever saw the babies). Mrs. was sitting in a very relaxed manner on a post nearby. What a nice treat after such a nasty winter. Totally made my day. A cardinal was singing up there too.

The Swamp
I took the walk by the swamp which is now back to being a swamp after being rather dried up after last years beastly summer. Still looking for that owl, but no luck in that department. After the rains we had, it's flooded again and can't get very far so I had to get down to the river by cutting through the woods that lead to the soccer field. There were several blue jays and juncos down there flitting here and there and making their funny twittering noises. I felt like they were chatting - busy fueling up and making plans for their trip up North. They probably will be leaving in the not too distant future. Chipmunks were seen darting about in the leaves and up the trees.

The river walk was flooded not too far in, but saw a pair of mallards quietly hanging out on the other side of the river and also a few pairs of Canadian geese. Wonder if they're nesting yet… Lots of robins down there enjoying a flooded area across the path with several grackels and some downies while a few red bellies purred away but weren't seen.

As I stood on the dock, desperately hoping for some mergansers I had a surprise visit from Haynes! That is yet another sign of spring. I was happy to hear that he saw the bluebirds too. We walked up through Woodcock meadow and then the woods by the JCC hoping to see some brown creepers. Managed to see some chickadees and heard a nuthatch but that was about it.

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