Thursday, March 17, 2011

Woodcocking by the Light of the Moon

What a beautiful night to watch the woodcocks! Jane and I headed over to the park around 6:30 where we met up with Katherine and Beth. Very mild and clear.

There was a soft, full moon that slowly rose as we awaited the moment of the first "peeeent" with nervous anticipation as to whether it would really happen or not. This year it came around 7:15 or so whereas last year it was about 7:00.

We headed over to the area of the call. It is just such a hilarious, comical sound. There were at least two woodcocks and probably more. Right before the first one flew up in the air, Ian appeared! We saw several flights with the wonderful sounds of the wings which are different on the way up then the way down and we had some great views where the woodcock flew right in front of us and though in silhouette, we could see clearly its long, pointed beak and it's round belly. What a nice way to spend an evening.

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