Sunday, March 20, 2011

Woodcock and Wood Duck

Right on time, 15 minutes after sunset at 7:10, a Woodcock and then a second flew into the Woodcock field and started their display. Earlier, a dozen Mallards and two calling Wood Ducks had flown over; also several Robins came in to roost, and a Northern Mockingbird. Very nice evening, before the moonrise. Best access to Woodcock Field is from the little parking lot off of Nahanton St east of the main entrance to the park.

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  1. HI Haynes!

    I'm so glad you got to see the woodcocks. I went last Thursday evening with Jane and some of her friends and then Saturday night I dragged Cy along and we met a couple who comes from Wellesley every year to see them. They were most concerned about the area getting filled in with trees etc, just like you and others have expressed Hope the Audubon addresses that.

    Got to see that big old moon on the way home.

    Very excited that you saw the wood ducks flying overhead!