Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rosebreasted Grosbeak Male Spotted!

Yellow Warbler Female 
Started off rather dreary and cold, but gradually turned into a gorgeous morning.

The lower gardens were rather uneventful (at least while I was there, although later I ran into some DPW guys cleaning up the trash and one of them saw 4 deer!). All I saw were robins, yellow warblers, catbirds, song sparrows and tree swallows.

Common Yellow Throat
In the upper gardens I saw jays, lots of orioles, tree swallows, cardinals, redwing blackbirds and some blue herons flying overhead. As I was rounding the path near the soccer field woods side, I saw this beautiful female yellow warbler in a crab apple bush and then all of a sudden there were yellow rumps, a common yellow throat and a hummingbird - all in this same little shrub!

Later, when I revisited there was a fabulous great crested flycatcher atop a tree.

Great Crested Flycatcher
In the soccer field, the dove is still on its nest. I heard some beautiful singing and finally saw the rose breasted grosbeak male and female! He is just glorious. There were goldfinches, yellow warblers, orioles etc.

Down by the river, the kingbirds were very active. The warbling vireos were singing. This has been such a great spring. I feel like I'm seeing so much more than last year. At least we've had the luxury of having the leaves not on the trees for longer, although they are coming in now.

Blue Heron in Flight
Tomorrow is a Mother's Day birdwalk led by Alison Leary. Meet at 8:00 at the Nahanton Street entrance. It sounds like it will be a nice day for it and you will be sure to see lots of great birds.

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