Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Sounds of Spring: Part 2. Yellow Warbler

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on the sounds from Nahanton.

On April 24th when the yellow warbler was spotted for the first time at Nahanton Park, I headed over to the park hoping to see my first warbler of the year. The first thing I noticed upon getting out of the car was the number of tree swallows twittering over the field and gardens. I even managed to get some pictures when they came to rest for a brief moment by the nest box before returning to wing. While I explored the lower garden I thought that I could hear the "sweet sweet sweet little-more-sweet" song of a yellow warbler, but it was so high up in the trees I had very little hope of finding the singer. As I looped around the garden though, he finally descended into the shrubs, giving me a great view though not a great picture (video). The audio sound track contains many of the garden dwellers that are listed below along with the time they are singing. The yellow warbler did not want to give us his traditional song, though he does sing several clear "sweet sweet sweet" phrases which are by far the loudest. And even more interesting, the birds all appear to be taking turns, singing in succession without much overlap of their songs and calls.

American Robin: starting at 2 seconds
American Goldfinch: 5 s, 18 s, and 28s
Tree Sparrow: 11 s
Yellow Warbler: 20 s and 31 s

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