Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday update: Magnolia Warbler and Fish Crow

Warblers were out in force. The lower garden had yellowthroats and yellow warblers while only the songs of the ovenbird, parula, and black-throated green were filling the air. In a flowering bush I found the rose-breasted grosbeak sulking in the flowers (picture). In the middle of the of the garden there were two tree swallows resting on a pole and I couldn't believe my eyes but it appears their first brood has hatched. This youngster wasn't even being fed (as far as I could tell) but instead was talking to wing to chase insects around the garden. There was also a guy there at the park spreading seed into the wild flower meadow, so I am looking forward to its return.

Down by the boat dock were some of the less common finds A magnolia warbler sing in a low tree branch giving me a great view, while a fish crow flew over head giving its sore-throated "caw caw".

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