Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Reprieve

48 degrees at 7:15 a.m. and a very comfortable warm sunny day. New England at its best. I've been arriving earlier in hopes of catching a glimpse of the deer that Ian saw, but no such luck so far.

Quickly perused the lower gardens and saw juncos, goldfinches, song sparrows, cardinals, mockers, robins, chickadees, titmice, jays and one white throated sparrow. Then headed to the upper gardens hoping the deer might be up there. I saw a downy woodpecker in every conceivable position looking for something good to eat.

Went to the pond where the few bits of ice were melted and saw three mallards, two males and a female and then headed down to the Charles in search of Great Blue! He wasn't there. Headed over to the meadow looking for the cedar waxwings that David said he saw yesterday, but no such luck. Only saw lots of juncos and some cardinals except for a mystery bird that appeared in some brush right in front of me. It was a small bird (about sparrow or junco size) and it was a smooth red-brownish gray color with what I thought was a little white below its cheeks. It had a white breast with very rufous spots on the top part. It was not in my book at all so it must be something normal that I am not recognizing. It almost looked like a miniature thrush of some sort, but I know there is no such thing. Only wishing Haynes or someone was there.

Saw the heron flying overhead and figured it was heading to the pond, so I did too and there it was!!!!! I love that bird. Just as I headed back on the path towards the soccer fields a huge hawk (which I'm sure I've seen several times) landed on a tree branch. It's the one without the red tail - the one Haynes keeps telling me is a juvenile, but it must be a female because it is enormous. Also heard the red bellied woodpecker, but couldn't see it.

Then who did I run into, but Haynes in the upper gardens. Of course I had to ask him about the mystery bird. When I left, he was going to check it out, but that's a long shot at best. Let us know what you saw today Haynes, if you have time.

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