Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving and a Pair of Hermit Thrushes!

40's and very foggy, but quiet and beautiful except for the fact that the birds are highly excited and active today. Do they think we're done with winter and this is spring?

The lower gardens were very busy this morning. Tons of robins, goldfinches, song sparrows and bluejays, juncos and house finches chasing each other in pairs and generally making quite a racket!

I was looking at what I thought was a tree full of robins when it turned out they were cedar waxwings and with them was a hermit thrush.  Not only did I see it once, but I saw it again on the path to the soccer field, and then, not only did I see one, but I saw a pair (blurry picture to right)!!!!! I was really excited. Also saw one white throated sparrow in lower gardens and a downy woodpecker.

The wildflower field was covered with robins. On the way to the gardens, I smelled that musky odor which I am now pretty sure is the fox. In the upper gardens were some titmice, nuthatches, goldfinches and American tree sparrows.

Not much else of note, but it really was very atmospheric there today with the fog everywhere and the sun trying to poke through, but not succeeding.

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