Sunday, November 1, 2009

Typical November...

40's, raw and drizzly. Hopefully it will clear up, but for now, it's typical November weather.

The park seemed dead quiet. All I could muster in the lower gardens were a few white throated sparrows, a blue jay, mockingbird, and a few song sparrows. The upper gardens seemed awfully quiet too. Managed to see a cardinal, goldfinches, possibly a swamp sparrow. Then there was a flurry of activity and some golden crowned kinglets were flitting all around as well as a ruby crowned kinglet. The golden crowns were very striking.

The most activity seemed to be on the path to the soccer fields. There I saw more ruby crowned and golden crowned kinglets - so busy they almost looked like hummingbirds. Lots of chickadees, titmice and more white throated and song sparrows and two gorgeous red bellied woodpeckers. Two pairs of mallards in the pond.

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