Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday Oct 31 - "Lucy" and my first Junco

It was very mild early on Saturday morning but extremely quiet in the gardens and elsewhere. I did see Lucy - the leucistic Song Sparrow - in the upper garden, along with a couple of deer who did not seem to mind me passing 20 feet from them.

On a second tour of the lower gardens I saw my first junco of the season with a group of white-throated sparrows.

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  1. Ian, I am so glad you posted!!!!!!! What a great surprise! I can't believe you saw Lucy. That just made me smile.

    And the deer too! I've been dying to see them. It's been quite a while. Did you happen to get a picture of them? I remember that day you and I saw them and you got a picture. I'd love to get a deer photo on the blog some day.